Friday, June 29, 2007

Christmas in JUNE

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My List

I am finally getting around to posting my list. I've been a member on here for quite some time now but I've been so busy.

Here it is as it stands now:

6 scarves for teachers and who knows who. I always need that extra gift. :)
2 hat/scarf sets for nieces (one is done!)
2 purses
6 hats for friends of my sons

Not much but it will grow as I remember who I have forgotten. It's great to see this list growing so much!

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Isabelle's Christmas Knitting List

I have just joined this KAL and honestly I am not sure yet about all the patterns I am going to use for my Christmas Knits. All I can say for now, is that I will be knitting only for family members and friends who I know appreciate hand-made presents...

Here is my list for now, but it might change:

Oh, and a Scarf for... moi! I have been wanting to make that one for a long time, and Christmas will be the opportunity I was waiting for!

And now, this is a photo of my kids and I at Santa's Village last month.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME!

I'm sure you're JUST like me in that you knit for anyone and everyone... other than yourself.. and someone else (can't remember at this hour with only 2 sips of coffee in me)... posted a gift for themselves in their knit list... which got me to thinking... and then, while blog surfing our KALers blogs, I found this...

I am in heaven! I love fall, it's my favorite season, and I love the gradation of these colors... I want it... I want it yesterday! And so.. I shall have it...

Megan was so kind to share with me that the 2004 issue of Cast On has the pattern on page 38 and an eBay seller had the issue... so I bought it.. and it's on it's way to my inlaws already! WAHOO!!!

I'll buy the yarns after September 1st (or labor day I guess) due to my pledge to knit from stash until then, so now I really really need to get my christmas knits cranking so I have plenty of time to knit my first sweater in too many years!

Ok.. now to my crazy hectic day...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scarf pattern

Thanks Michele for the scarf pattern. I think this just might do the trick (unless I end up changing my mind a million times ;). I took a look at the hat pattern that goes along with it and I might make the scarf gift a hat a scarf set.

Have a great 4th of July

And now a word from our sponsor

Good evening ladies...

I'm so excited to see so many people joining up... PLENTY of thanks due to Chan and Anne's blogs announcing this KAL :-) I want you all to know that I'm about to make a state move, from Hot and Steamy North Carolina (well, not as bad as Atlanta is for Anne, but pretty close probably!) to cool and comfy Pocono's area Pennsylvania!

I will pack up my computers and cancel Cable on Friday, of this week... and VERY early on Saturday I will drive my three little ones, two furry ones, and a frozen turkey (among other random things) to Newark, New York to visit my in-laws, and the various cousins who will be in town as well for the fourth of July celebrations.. I'm taking a TON of knitting with me... of course... but cannot unfortunately work on much Christmas knitting while I'm there, since nearly 1/2 of my christmas list recipients will be there! Fear not though, I plan to work on other great knitting projects! Maybe even some of my mystery items that I hadn't put in my list for fear that the KALers who will be receiving them will know too much info!

Once at my in-laws I will have limited daily computer access :-) but will definitely check in as often as I can, and add new 'Elves' to Santa's alternate workshop!

I will be in Newark until July 7th and will then make the trek back down here to North Carolina to meet our moving company who will pack our house up and load it into the trucks on July 9th and 10th. I will return to Pennsylvania at that time with my hubby and meet the movers at our new home on the 12th. I will be without internet access from July 7th through the 11th.

So.. if you are a newbie, and you don't hear from me for a day or two (or 4) I apologize... bear with me.. I'll get you added as soon as I can! In the meantime, get your list going, and get a-knittin on those projects... I wanna see PROGRESS! :-)

Now... Keitha mentioned looking for a Man's scarf pattern... here's a beautiful one that I plan to use for my two brothers-in-law...

I will add Fireflies (the author of the ILiveOnAFarm blog)... to the pattern links as well.. she has fabulous knitting patterns, and now that I think of it, a gorgeous little santa gift bag... :-)

Christmas We Will Go: Knitting Goals for the Holiday

Found this from Michelle, Anne, and Chan and thought what a great idea. Thanks Michelle for being our wonderful host. This will hopefully get me in gear to actually getting all my knitting done that I need to do.

(This list is subject to change and will be updated as I change my mind. LOL)

  • Tank top for me (before it is too cold to wear)
  • Sockza socks
  • Jason's 2nd sock
  • F1-Fingerless gloves (
  • F2-Fingerless gloves (
  • F3-Hat (not sure what style)
  • F4-Coasters or felted slippers??
  • F5-Socks
  • F6-Towels
  • F7-Socks (Blanket next year)
  • F8-Dishcloths
  • GF1-Not going to tell....
  • GF2-Not going to tell...
  • GF3-Not going to tell...
  • GF4-Not going to tell...
  • GF5-Dishcloths
  • H1-Socks (Sweater next year-surprise design)
The picture above is of our little tree this last year. I strapped this to my bike basket and biked it home. It was a great tree right up until the end. I do hope I am able to achieve this list.

Christmas List

I am so excited that I found this blog link while searching the other day. I had just started to figure out what I'd be making for Christmas gifts this year, now I have something to motivate me to keep working on them.
My list so far...
  1. Print O' Wave Stole
  2. Anemoi Mittens
  3. Mystery Stole (hopefully it will work out as a gift for my grandmother)
  4. Lace Leaf Shawl (if the ms3 doesn't work out as planned)
  5. Poncho for my daughter
  6. Knitty Double Scoop Sweater
  7. Princess Doll (Dream Toys by Claire Garland)
  8. Unicorn (Dream Toys by Claire Garland)
  9. Toy Doll (And so to Bed by Lucinda Guy)
  10. Scarf for a man( I don't have a pattern yet for this, so I'm open to any ideas)

Thats it for now, although there is a couple more child sweater patterns that I might add after I get Debbie Bliss' Family Knits book in the mail. Hopefully it will get here soon.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...

Hi everyone - thanks for letting me join the party!

Waaayy back in April I tried to justify a yarn splurge by using the old Christmas Knitting excuse via my blog - no one who knows me, and many people who don't, would let me off the hook that easily! (And, to be honest, the scarf I pictured was just given away as a teacher appreciation gift.)

My current Christmas knitting list includes - but is not limited to -
  • this Elann shawl
  • a log cabin blanket
  • a sweater for my son
  • the Lucky Stars quilt (not knitting, but a project nonetheless)
  • 15+ various other over-ambitious projects to be named at a later date

Happy to be here!

Goals - Version 1

This is also posted at my blog...

My knitting goals thus far, but seeing as how I tend to overestimate my ability to finish anything on time (see Fingerless Mitts, finished 6/24/07 for Christmas '06) I reserve the right to reverse, cancel, or abandon all hope before December 25th.

1. Piggle Hat

2. Red dress with matching Head Scarf for Bear

3. Ivory dress with matching Head Scarf for Kitten

4. Big Digger Sweater

5. Minnie Mouse sweater

6. 7 pairs kids socks

Monday, June 25, 2007

Knitted Bunny PJ Bag and other cute kid bags

I tried to Comment to Anne with links to a PJ bag and two cute purses for her 5 year old niece, however the links got cut off...

here's the link for the Bunny PJ Bag

And the one for the Bumble Bee and Frog purses

Great ideas a flowing here ladies... I love it!

Wine Cozies

In response to the comments about the wine cozies that I'm going to make for a friend for Christmas, I thought I'd post the link.


These are not felted, but they are really beautiful. There is a great felted wine sack in the book, Knit One, Felt Two.

All three look to be very simple, and I'm sure would make really great gifts, together with a nice bottle of wine!

A Christmas List for Dobby

Oh my. A contest. Now I *MUST* post my list. It's a list no one but Dobby could love, I'm afraid. (Note: Lego loves Dobby and socks!!)

1. Socks for Mark

2. Socks for MIL

3. Mystery gift for my sister who could follow blog links here

4. Mystery gift for someone I won't name

5. Errol the Owl for Etta

6. Socks for aunt

7. Socks for cousin

8. Dishcloths for MIL

9. Dishcloths for sis

10. Mystery gift for another someone

11. Mystery gift #3

12. Dishcloths for Mom

13. Socks for Mom

14. Shawl for Bunny (your fault, Sue J!)

15. Baby something for Baby V.

16. Scarf for Makayla

17. Scarf for Karlie

18. Dishcloth for Felicia

19. Shawl for B'Leigh

20. Mystery #4

21. A bunch of HP bookmarks
22. Stocking for Randy

Anne's Christmas Knitting List In Progress

In honor of my recent trip to DC I give you the Capitol's Tree!

And as someone else said, I will likely be updating this list, but I wanted to get down the things I know I have now. (Hey Michelle.. for the contest.. LOL Do the 17 things I'm making for co-workers count as one lump some, or each co-worker? LOL)
  • Dishrag/Towel or Facecloth/Bath Sets (17 and counting) for my co-workers in my own department
  • Facecloth/Bath set for our Secretary and all around Grandma Fannie
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 1
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 2
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 3
  • Secret Project for Sister who may visit the blog
  • Secret Project for Friend who may visit the blog
  • Gift for Katie (I'm struggling here ya'll.. what's good for a 5 year old? Stuffed toy? Hat? Sweater? Hat and Scarf Set? Blanket? I'm debating a blanket made from dishcloth letter patterns and pictures then put all together - would a kid actually like that tho?)
  • Scarf for fellow Knitter Anna at work
  • Scarf or lap blanket for Julie
  • Gift for mom
  • Triangular Scarf for mom in the silk I got her like.. eons ago.
I think that covers it. To be fair, I haven't entirely decided on all of the secret projects - and I will still post progress when they've started!

[Edit: HAH. Exactly 6 months today :D Go me!]

List #1

I have been thinking about my Christmas knitting every since I joined this KAL. So far, this is what I have decided upon. I reserve the right to add, delete and generally change my mind totally in the next few months.

1. At least three Chevron Scarves

2. At least four pairs of socks

3. Mystery Stole 3 (depending on how this turns out, I may not be able to part with it).

4. Two warm winter shawls

5. At least 1 Colinette AbFab Afghan

6. Stocking caps to use up extra worsted weight yarn

7. Mitered square sock yarn afghan to use up extra sock yarn

How's this for some lofty goals. I think I'd get very busy very soon.

Six Months and Counting

I think that this KAL is a great idea! I do NOT want a repeat of last year, where I was down to the wire, weaving in ends on Christmas Eve at work.

This is my list, as it stands right now :

- Clementine Shawlette, from Interweave Knits
- 3 stockings ; for me, John (fiance), and Mavy (our cat)
- 2 pairs of socks
- Sophie Bag
- Scarf with zodiac symbol
- Elizabeth bag (bigger version of Sophie)
- 2 felted wine bags
- Hat for John's Dad
- Socks for John's Mom ( Updated - 6/25)

I don't want to list who it's all for, as certain people may read my blog, thus read this! But that is the list as of right now. I've already started the Clementine Shawlette though, so that is a good start!

Yikers! It's That Time Again!!!

My list? I wanted to make everyone a pair of socks. I'm not a fast knitter. But, I've finished one pair from alpaca and I'm knitting the other pair. I'm thinking I may do a pair or two from a worsted weight. Maybe even use some Lion Brand - for those who don't like wool.

I've not done a head count yet ... but, my Girls - daughters and sisters and friends - will be first up.

Happy Knitting - and Thanks for inviting me to join along!!!

Betty ....

Be Original ...
I'm Always Open!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello, Hello!

Hello Everyone,
First, thank you Chan for telling the world in your blog about this. A great idea! Ok, here is my list:

R-socks, at least one pair and maybe a hat
Mom-hat (maybe a scarf and sox)
Uncle D-any combo of hat, scarf, sox
Uncle C- I really don't know (hat?)
Aunt R- scarf and maybe sox
Aunt K-scarf
Aunt E- scarf
Uncle M-hat
Poppa R- hat
B- scarf
R's mom-hat maybe scarf
me- sox!!!

It's Contest Time!

Ok, now that we have a few knitters in our group, I wanted to announce a contest. The winner of which will receive Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick

Here's the contest...

The person who knits the most (%) of their Christmas list by September 1st wins the book.

So this in effect does two things... first, it gets you to organize your Christmas knitting projects, and it gets you working on them ASAP.

So... rules...
Post your Christmas knits list by July 15th
Knit away at your list
Post pictures of your completed projects as you check them off your list

The person who completes the most projects (percentage wise) will win the book!

Ok, get knitting!

Hi Everyone!

So glad to be here. What a great idea for organizing my Christmas knitting, something I have never been able to do before. Give me a day or so to work on the list, and then I will post it to the blog. This should surely keep me on the straight and narrow. Happy Knitting!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christmas List update

Hey Ladies,

I haven't gotten a TON done on my list, but I wanted to repost it as I have some things to add to it, and just bringing it up in the list so I won't have to go hunting for it later once I get more done. I will be packing up much of my knitting this weekend, and I'm struggling with what to keep out to knit over the next couple of weeks... I'm thinking of gathering my knitting patterns for some of my christmas knits and the supplies and maybe ONE other project so that I devote time mostly to Christmas knitting... I will also keep out enough yarn to work on stuff for the Parish Picnic craft table that will happen in early August...

Here's my list updated...

6 fun scarves for teacher gifts and bus driver gift
8 Snowman Hats for nieces, nephews, Beth's Children, and my children (2 completed Elijah's and Andrea's)
Aran Toque and scarf for Sarah
Readers Wrap x3 for MIL, SIL, and Mom
Dishcloth afghans for my 3 children (2 are already started)
Scarf, hat and socks for hubby
Scarf, hat for Joe
Squatty Sidekick bag for Kathy plus 1 hat/scarf?
Squatty sidekick bag for Leila, plus 1 hat
Scarf, Hat for Walt
Hats for my MN niece and nephew (need to research which ones to make) (x2)
Stockings for Misti's kids (x2)
Squatty sidekick back for Misti
Fun hats (muppet hat) and scarves (dragon?, Snake? unicorn?) for Fall craft fair
Dishcloths for Fall craft fair
Fun fur/boa scarves for Fall craft fair

I'm glad I'm visiting this list again.. it's getting quite large!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I tried for my first time to create some buttons.. they came out pretty cute I think.. :-) I hope you all enjoy them.. don't forget to download them to your blog so you don't slog us down by borrowing our bandwith!

I've been busy working on a few of my christmas items... done with two Snowman hats.. and found my yarn (in my stash) for my reader's wrap... while 'packing/unpacking' for our move to PA in two weeks... I very very clearly labeled the box so I can find it as soon as I get settled in the new house!

Christmas knitting right now is just being thrown in between other projects... keeps things interesting to switch around so much... and it actually feels good to be done with some projects already.. and it's not even the Half-Christmas date yet! :-)

Thanks for letting me join

Sorry I haven't posted yet but the last few weeks have been very busy for me. I've been on field trips, doing things with the kids, and getting them signed up for sports and such. Three more days of school and they are done! Yeah!! Oh! They are having a pool party that day. Ugh! lol

I have been asked to participate in the A Village Christmas so I need to get a lot of knitting done between now and Novembre. Scarves, dishcloths, hats, ornaments and fun stuff I think. I've never done this before but hey! I think it would be fun!

I will post my Christmas list next week once school is done.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do We Have....

I was wondering the other day and I'm just now getting around to we have a button or someone on here that can make a button for us to use on our personal blogs???

I might be able to try to do it but don't know how it would come out.

What does everyone think?

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Saturday, June 16, 2007

One Hat Finished!

Just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that I did get one hat finished for my niece for a Christmas present. Now to do a matching scarf for her.

I know I haven't posted my list yet but I will soon. Things have been crazy for me lately.

Hope everyone on here is doing great. It's so quiet here.

I'll try to post my list and get a picture of my finished hat on here later this weekend. Have a great one!

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am just so excited about this blog! I was looking for something like this just the other day and boom! this came along. What I need to do now is go get all my ideas down on paper then decide who will get what. Then I'll post them here.

Thanks so much for putting this together!
The Misplaced Midwesterner

Good Morning Christmas Knitters!

Hello ladies,

I'm excited that a number of you have joined me in the quest to get busy on your christmas knitting projects. If you have any favorite free patterns or pattern sites that you'd like to share just post them here or add them in the comments and I'll add them to the site. I'm under way with some of my knitting projects already. I have 2 of the 8 snowman hats knit up, but not yet decorated. This is what they will look like completed though... (of course, not in newborn size, this one is modeled by my 2 year old.)

This is a pattern of my own creation... and I've been busy working up the various sizes.... I'm happy to share with anyone who wants to test knit for me :-)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Michelle's Christmas Knitting Goals

Here are my goal knits for this year's holiday gifts:

6 fun scarves for teacher gifts and bus driver gift
8 Snowman Hats for nieces, nephews, Beth's Children, and my children
Aran Toque and scarf for Sarah
Readers Wrap x3 for MIL, SIL, and Mom
Dishcloth afghans for my 3 children (2 are already started)
Scarf, hat and socks for hubby
Scarf, hat for Joe
Scarf, hat for Kathy
Scarf, Hat for Walt
Hats for my MN nieces and nephew (need to research which ones to make)
Stockings for Misti's kids (x2)

that's quite the list... which is exactly why I'm putting this KAL together! I need the motivation to stay on track!

Join us

Ok, I'm still trying to figure out bloger... and I can't seem to add an email address to the side bar...

so if you want to join us... email Michelle at:

with your name, and blog address (if you have one)


Help me stay on track!!

Good day!

I know that it's June, early June even, but it's never never never too early to be working on my Christmas knitting. I wanted to start this KAL so that we have a place to document our knitting projects and status as we get these beautiful handcrafted items ready for our loved ones.

Please join me in getting ready (early) for the holidays!!