Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christmas Knitting List

Ok here it is:

Dishcloth reloaded face cloth-DONE
Dish Towels 2- 1 Done
Dish cloths

Dishcloth reloaded
Bonsai Tunic top- 1/2 DONE
Beaded Beanie

Dish Cloths with Cowboy hats on them (4)- 1 DONE
Dish towels to match (2)

Mother in law
Dishcloth reloaded
Hemlock Ring Blanket- DONE

Sister in law
Dishcloth Reloaded
Wave Wrap

Nancy (x step mom)
Dishcloth reloaded

Jamie (Best Friend)
Yarn Ho dishcloth
Sheep dishcloth

5 other friends I knit with
Yarn HO dishcloth

I think that is it for now. :-)

Realistic Updated List

I guess it's time to wake up and smell the 'realism' of the facts here and they are these: I am not going to complete several things on my original list below:

1. Mother: Socks
2. DIL: Hat
3. Daughter: Wrist Warmers
4. DIL: Shawl
5. Son: Hat
6. GD: Sweater & Hat
7. ?? : Ripple Lap Blanket
So, here's what are possibilites: I may get a pair of socks done for my mother, but then again? The hat for my DIL is a good possibility, the wrist warmers are definitely off the list. The shawl is in progress but not completed and I think the hat for my son must go as well, sad to say. I am going to replace the sweater and hat for my granddaughter with a (hopeful) Christmas stocking made just for her.

Last but not least, is the fact that I'm pleased as punch to tell you that I have completed the ripple blanket as you can see from the picture so at least I have something to report. Many of you are doing just great with your lists and I applaud your collective completions.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indecisive, Almost Always

That's me. So it's no surprise that my Christmas list keeps changing. It helps none at all that my sweet mother inlaw's birthday is all of 12 days away, and my hubby and sister both have pre-Christmas birthdays.

I'm getting ready to cast on for my hubby's post-anniversary socks, and then, my MIL's birthday pedicure socks. THEN, the Christmas knitting can begin. There will be a lace stole for my stepmom, a lace scarf for my sister, socks for my mother, another pair of regular socks for my MIL, and that should be about it, aside from some small gifts for my online friends. I'm also hoping for a few other Wick house socks, but those are the ones that simply must happen!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Just wanted to say hello.... My name is Courtney and I am from Roseville California :-) I will post my Chistmas knitting list soon :-)

Ravelry ID: knitnpurlgurl

Finally ready to start Christmas knitting

I finished my Halloween knits.. finished my swaps, and now... NOW I can get busy with my Christmas gifts/knitting!


I'm way behind Jennifer, but with the way I've been knitting things up lately.. I should be cruising through my list quickly (hehehe let's hope!)

Welcome to newbies Jil and Courtney!
I keep changing my mind about what I'm making people...

Men's socks: Dad, Grandpa
Progress: Done!

"Manly Moebius Cowl": Matt, Mike, BJ
Progress: Done!

Ribbed fingerless mittens: Sandra, Mike W., Fritz, Christina, Lauren, Susie
Progress: Sandra's and Mike's are done. I keep changing my mind about what to make for the other four, but I really like making these! Maybe I'll add a cable or something next time.

Scarves: Jeff, Mom
Progress: Done!

Women's gloves: Arlette, Laura, Helen, Mom
Progress: need to make Mom's gloves to match scarf; otherwise completed.

Hats: Rebecca, Helen
Progress: Done! (need pin for Helen's hat)

Child Hats (various): Brett, Naomi, Suli birthday (Little Devil Hats); Ellie birthday (Child Hallowig); Suli (House Elf hat)
Progress: Ellie's and both of Suli's are done, but I'm not crazy about how the House Elf hat came out so I may frog it and make something else.

Child Mittens: Jack, Ellie, Margaret
Progress: Jack's are done.

Lace rib shrug: Cathy
Progress: Done! (needs pin)

There are pictures of a bunch of this stuff over on Ravelry (my login is divamaglia). In addition to the above, I do have two women's scarves for people I may run into over the holidays. And I think I'm making little sweater ornaments (maybe with duplicate stitch initials?) for a whole bunch of people. Or possibly amigurumis.

Coming around the home stretch...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Progress is being made!

Things are going well on the Christmas Knitting here.

  • I finished one pair of Fiber Trends Felt Clogs (for my dad). I also added traction - see how! I'd definitely recommend this pattern. If you have any questions about it feel free to drop me a line at my blog.
  • I've decided not to even buy the wool for the other 4 pairs of Felt Clogs until I get to England. (I'm moving November 10th and the other pairs are for my BF's grandma, mom, and aunts.)
  • I've been knitting away on my sister's 10 foot scarf. See the progress here.
  • I've almost finished all the dishcloths. Last weekend my best friend and I went to Granville Island to buy handmade soaps for them all. I'll post about that and add the link soon.
  • I haven't even cast on my mom's stole... but I already apologized that it won't be done.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

List Update!

Hello All!!!
I have gotten some knitting done when not in class and reading!

R-socks, at least one pair and maybe a hat
Mom-hat (maybe a scarf and sox)
Uncle D-Grandma's blanket from last Christmas - done
Uncle C- Fingerless gloves?
Aunt R- scarf - done!
Aunt K-scarf - done
Aunt E- scarf - done
Uncle M-hat - done
Poppa R- hat - done
B- scarf - changed, he wants a hat - started
R's mom-hat maybe scarf
Meme - scarf - about 1/2 done
Kristen - shawl
Kristen's baby - dress and hat

Just remember - knitting is supposed to be enjoyable!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh my... need to re-think some of this

So here's my christmas knits list... *updated*

6 fun scarves for teacher gifts and bus driver gift
8 Snowman Hats for nieces, nephews, Beth's Children, and my children (2 completed Elijah's and Andrea's)
Bag for Sarah
Bag for MIL
Bag for Michelle (SIL)
Readers Wrap for Mom *25%
Scarf, hat and socks for hubby
Scarf, hat for Joe 75% done with scarf
Squatty Sidekick bag for Kathy
Squatty sidekick bag for Leila
Scarf, Hat for Walt
Hats for my MN niece and nephew (need to research which ones to make) (x2)
Bag for Holly
Hat for Cory (skulls?.. should check with Misti)
Squatty sidekick back for Misti
Fun hats (muppet hat) and scarves (dragon?, Snake? unicorn?) my kids (I have Blue, and Spongebob plans for hats, and a cookie monster or elmo for the youngest)
Dishcloths for Fall craft fair *100% done
Fun fur/boa scarves for Fall craft fair
Surprise Gifts x3

I'm glad I'm visiting this list again.. it's getting quite large!

Christmas knitting is about to start


I'm excited to report that my christmas knitting is nearly here! ;-) I laugh a little because I started this whole KAL to get my rear going early.. and I supposed that late October is earlier than usual for me.. ;-)

My SIL was visiting recently and she made some 'bag' suggestions for some of my family members, so my list is going to change a tad... speaking of my list... I think I'll repost it soon...

I have one more halloween hat (A bat) to knit and some Dora Hair to attempt... the pattern seemed confusing to me... might of been the time of day to be honest... and I expect to have them both completed by the end of this week... and then onto the Christmas knits... wahoo!

How's everyone else doing...?
Monica... I want to know more about those felted clogs... are they difficult?

I'll see if I can go scrounge up my list for a re-post...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sock Monkey Baby Socks

For My Grandson

Don't these remind you of the stuffed monkey toys made out of socks?

I am working on a baby blanket for him also - about half done.

More info and pictures of the socks on My Blog

Friday, October 12, 2007

half done

My single, solitary gift is half done, and after a desperate search across the UK I've found some more loro barranquero malabrigo to finish it, huzzay!

Its an ultra simple ribbed and reversible scarf, which sits 7inches wide (without being stretched), and will be as long as the wool lasts, two more skeins are in the post. I have rationalised the simple-mindedness of this scarf to myself by saying that 'simple design is classic' and 'the beauty of it is in the colours', which might both be true but really its just great to be a lazy knitter sometimes. On the otherhand my motto is you can't have too simple a design when it comes to men's clothing. Fingers crossed he likes the colours then, I guess.
Also, hello to all the new knitters who have joined up, and wow to all those who have posted FOs.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A small present done

One pair of socks in Regia Galaxy done and wrapped as Christmas gift for Steven. With his thirteen years of age, he has bigger feet than his dad. A whopping size 10.5!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting Started

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this. I thought I'd share my list, so I can keep track of where I'm at.

This first section is my family:
  • Mom - Gothic Leaf Stole
  • Dad — Fiber Trends Felt Clogs [OTN]
  • Sister — Washcloth & Handmade Soap (Letter B)
This is my BF (Craig) and his family. I think that Felt Clogs would go over really well with the women in the family... but I really don't know about the men:
  • Craig -- the never-ending scarf... and something else.
  • Grandad M --
  • Grandma P — Felted Clogs
  • His Mom — Felted Clogs
  • His Aunt — Felted Clogs
  • His Aunt — Felted Clogs
  • Grandma R — Felted Clogs
  • Grandad J --
  • Grandmummy — Egyptian themed
For most of my friends I'm making dishcloths and buying some handmade soaps.
  • Evan -- not really a "hand made" kinda guy.
  • Rachel — Washcloth (Labyrinth) & Handmade Soap
  • Anna — Washcloth (Tea Time / Letter A / Music Note) & Handmade Soap
  • Laura — Washcloth (colour: blue/black) & Handmade Soap
  • Ginger — Washcloth (Ribbed Earthtones) & Handmade Soap
  • Kas — Washcloth (Letter K) & Handmade Soap
  • Eka — Washcloth (Snowflake) & Handmade Soap
So to sum it up - I've got a lot of washcloths and clogs to make!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Hi gang,
We have another newbie in our ranks... welcome Monica! She created our new button so check it out!

How's everyone's progress going???