Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indecisive, Almost Always

That's me. So it's no surprise that my Christmas list keeps changing. It helps none at all that my sweet mother inlaw's birthday is all of 12 days away, and my hubby and sister both have pre-Christmas birthdays.

I'm getting ready to cast on for my hubby's post-anniversary socks, and then, my MIL's birthday pedicure socks. THEN, the Christmas knitting can begin. There will be a lace stole for my stepmom, a lace scarf for my sister, socks for my mother, another pair of regular socks for my MIL, and that should be about it, aside from some small gifts for my online friends. I'm also hoping for a few other Wick house socks, but those are the ones that simply must happen!

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