Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting excited

Hey gals,

I'm excited.. I am nearly done with my swap knitting... and other than a baby gift... I will finally be able to concentrate on christmas knitting... NO MORE SWAPS until my christmas knitting is done... I've volunteered to help co-host a swap... but haven't been told 'yes' or 'no' yet... but that will be my only swap (with the exception of a dishcloth swap) from now until christmas... :-)

I even bought yarn yesterday for my various felted bags I need to make! :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Having Myself A Selfish Little Christmas...

I am a bit ashamed of myself, but only a bit. I seem to have developed a serious case of selfishness. The holidays are approaching, and I am *STILL* working on my ever-revised list, but the problem is, ME. It's all about me. (So much for Christmas spirit, eh?) I am besotted with lace, so a couple of dear hearts are getting lace wraps instead of socks. You see, knitting is my hobby, my passion and my therapy, so I only knit what I love. That means not so many dishcloths, more socks, and evidently, lace. Hubby's special blankie is on hold, even though it would have been a powerful 10th anniversary OR 40th birthday gift (both BEFORE Christmas). There's still time for me to change my mind and begin working on it this weekend while he's away, but we'll see.

In happy news, I am holding strong on my little treat knitted item, but that's a big secret. ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christmas Knitting Whoas

yes.. WHOAs.. not woes... :-)

I haven't gotten much done because I signed up for too many swaps... bad bad bad me ;-) I really do need to buckle down and get some christmas knitting done.. but can't until I'm done with the swaps I'm in.. I think I can still get through much of my list.. but it will just be a bit longer before I can really start :-)

Hope you all are having a great time getting your knitting done...

oh, and welcome to Newbie Bianca!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Linda's List


Snowflake Socks

Toe Up Socks

Hedgerow Socks

Diagonal Baby Blanket


Cascading Leaves Socks

Hats (3)

Mittens (2? - haven't made any before)

Scarves (3)

Sweater (if I have time...dream on)

Here's an update of my gifts so far. I'm mostly working on the afghans right now, since they take the longest :)

Sister 1: ripple afghan - pattern: Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Patterns

Soft Waves Ripple 3

Mom & Dad: an afghan - pattern: Luxury Wrap from Afghans on the Double

DH of S1: Reversible Cable Scarf and possibly fingerless gloves to match
Sister 2: Waves Scarf
DH of S2: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
niece 1: Fairy Square afghan
niece 2: Cropped Hoodie
Aunt & Uncle: Ripple Afghan
cousin: Ripple Afghan (reds)
cousin: Liesel Scarf
cousin's DH: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
cousin: Ripple afghan (blues)
friends (10): scarves or bags ** two scarves made already

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leigh's New Update

I have made a new list of knitting that I would like to get done by Christmas.

1. Matt's Sweater - needs to be sewn
2. Miki's Sweater - needs to be knitted and sewn (front done)
3. Karen's - poncho needs to be sewn
4. 1st niece - sweater
5. 2nd niece - seater
6. Nephew - not sure
7. Matt - hat
8. Miki - hat
9. teacher 1 - scarf
10. teacher 2 - scarf
11. teacher 3 - scarf
12. CWL raffle - scarf
13. CWL raffle- spa set (3 items)
14. hubby - slippers
15. me - slippers
16. son - slippers
17. daughter - slippers
18-20. my sister - 3 dishcloths (I have the yarn)
21. son - orange hat for hunting.
There maybe the odd thing after this.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Update

R-socks, at least one pair and maybe a hat
Mom-hat (maybe a scarf and sox)
Uncle D-sox - One sock is done, other one is started
Uncle C- I really don't know (hat?)
Aunt R- scarf and maybe sox - done!
Aunt K-scarf - done
Aunt E- scarf - done
Uncle M-hat - done
Poppa R- hat - done
B- scarf - changed, he wants a hat
R's mom-hat maybe scarf
Meme - Shawl - about half done
Kristen - shawl
Kristen's baby - dress and hat

Thursday, September 13, 2007

And the winner is...

Kim!!! Wow girl.. 6 completed gifts... you're cruising right along.. though... Tibbers is right behind you... she had 5 completed!

You ladies continue to amaze me with the beautiful items on your list, as well as the completion rates! I've got only 1 item complete.. with several on the needles.. can we say 'startitis'!

Kim, email me with your address so I can mail you the bookie!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My list so far:
1 lace scarf
3 matching hats with hanging snowmen
1 Green Gable T
as many socks as I can knit

Already this list is giving me a migrane so I better stop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An eye-opening list

I was all set to make these really cute ruffly scarves for all the women I know...then I realized that they all got scarves last year.

Men's socks: Dad, Grandpa, Matt, Mike
Progress: turned heel on first sock of eight!

Women's socks: Helen, Sandra, Mom

Progress: one pair + one footlet for Mom completed

Scarves: Jeff, Brandan, Christina
Progress: ruffly scarf for Christina completed

Women's gloves: Arlette, Laura
Progress: complete!

Hats: Rebecca, Fritz, Lauren, Susie, Mike W.
Progress: Rebecca's hat completed

Lace rib shrug: Cathy

I also have three boys (4, 2, 1) and at least three girls (6, 5, infant) to knit for. I may need to make five or six more quick gifts, for people I may or may not see. But there are so many cute Christmas ornament patterns out there, I'm sure I can pick a few and make them en masse over a weekend. Plus I have two women's scarves already finished, without a recipient.

Yanno, seeing it all written out, it really seems doable now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh so sad and pathetic

Hey everyone... I have sent my mom home and am just today finally getting around to getting on the net and reviewing blogs and swap pal info etc. I will read through the posts to figure out who's the winner of the cool Christmas Knits book and post tonight or tomorrow!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Update and Progress

I have been working steadily, but slowly on Christmas knitting. I've cut some things from my list and replaced them with others. Not because I don't think I'll have time, but I actually want to work on something for me this year, like a sweater.

So, here is an update.

- Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Sweater, for Emy (30% finished)
- Corey's socks (30% finished)
- Karen's socks (50% finished)
- Hat for John's Dad (DONE!)
- Sophie bag for my Mom (80% done)

- Hat for my Dad
- Socks for John's Mom

Another newbie

Hi folks! I'm Jennifer, and this is my first post here. I don't have a list yet, but I have a few projects finished already that I ought to assign recipients to. For example: these socks. (My DH is the grudging model.)

And there may be more of these...I love making socks but my budget doesn't really allow for lots of sock yarn purchases, so I made these with Wool-Ease and size 5 dpns (most of my family lives in New York, so worsted-weight socks aren't a problem). I also just finished a great, super-fast ruffly scarf yesterday (no pic yet) that I'll be making more of as well. Men are harder...though I suppose I can make bigger socks for them. :) And I have a great idea for a knitted ornament that I'll be playing around with this week.

I look forward to seeing all of your projects! Hopefully I'll have a list by the next time I post.
Hello everyone.
I have just joined you and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is making for Christmas, so I can steal your ideas, hahaha.
I haven't a list as such yet of pressies but can see I will have to get one sorted.
Good luck everyone on completing in time.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


R-socks, at least one pair and maybe a hat
Mom-hat (maybe a scarf and sox)
Uncle D-any combo of hat, scarf, sox - One sock is done, other one is started
Uncle C- I really don't know (hat?)
Aunt R- scarf and maybe sox - scarf is almost done (75%) - done!
Aunt K-scarf - scarf is done
Aunt E- scarf - scarf's done
Uncle M-hat - started
Poppa R- hat - hat is done
B- scarf - changed, he wants a hat
R's mom-hat maybe scarf
me- sox!!!

add Meme - I have no clue.(scarf, shawl, kitchen stuff?)

Finished some dishclothes/towels. May throw those in with someone's gift box

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quick Update

Just a very quick update...finally 2 in our new house....finally have an Internet connection and here is my most recent update:

6 scarves for teachers......4 DONE
2 hat/scarf sets........1 SET DONE AND 1/2 A SET DONE
2 purses......1 PURSE DONE
6 hats for friends of my son....SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVEN'T STARTED THEM.

ACK! Just 4 Months Left!

Hello, hello again! I've been having connection problems from home for the last month so haven't been able to post much. Just thought I would post an update of my last and let everyone know were I am with things *and to remind myself to get my butt in gear and start crafting!* Since my Internet has been down and I haven't been able to surf the net and blog this past month, I was able to go stash diving and I think I have yarn for almost every project on my list! *does a little happy dance* This excites me to no end since my wallet is strapped a little tightly right now.

Mom & Dad: Luxury Wrap Afghan **about 20% complete
Yarn: TLC Amore

Sister 1: Soft Waves Afghan **just started
Yarn: Lion Brand Suede
Colorways: Waterlillies, Olive, Denim, Fushia and Eggplant
Sisters ripple

DH of S1: Reversible Cable Scarf and possibly fingerless gloves to match
Yarn: Plymouth Encore D.K. in a green/black

Sister 2: Waves Scarf
Yarn: KnitPicks Cadena in Mist

DH of S2: scarf --if you have a manly scarf pattern - PLEASE SHARE :)

niece 1: Fairy Square afghan - I have 4 different fairy dishcloth patterns to use for the squares
Yarn: Peaches 'n Cream in Peacock, Shocking Pink, Deep Purple, Apple Green

niece 2: Cropped Hoodie

Aunt & Uncle: Ripple Afghan
Yarn: Bernat So Soft Ombre and Solids

cousin: Ripple Afghan
Yarn: Bernat Satin in various shades of blue (I can't believe I have so much blue in my stash!)

cousin: Liesel Scarf
cousin's DH: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
cousin: Ripple afghan (reds maybe)
friends (10): scarves or bags ** two scarves made already


I've just joined this KAL - thanks michelle -and so far my knitting list is very small, that is to say one solitary item, but I love christmas kals because the variety of projects is so great, and of course very inspiring. I'm sure my list will get steadily longer and I like to keep all my knitted gifts secret so its a great way to diarise them all, and its a relief and a reassurance to be among those who speak fluent knit.

My project as the moment is a wide knit 2, purl 2 ribbed scarf. Its a plain design because I'm doing it in malabrigo 'loro barranque' which knitted up looks like paella, all red, saffron yellow, green and brown, very Spanish. I only have one skein with no hope of another from my local wool shop (which happens to be 'Get Knitted' in Bristol - they have a website) so I'm thinking short scarf - add a couple of strategic buttons so it drapes in a pleasing way and keeps the neck warm without having been wrapped round and round. If anyone has tried this I'd love to hear how it turned out - practical or foolish? Or, any other ideas? I'm 10 inches in so there's a way to go.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi : )