Friday, August 31, 2007

Michelle's Christmas List **Updated

Only ever so slightly updated

6 fun scarves for teacher gifts and bus driver gift
8 Snowman Hats for nieces, nephews, Beth's Children, and my children (2 completed Elijah's and Andrea's)
Aran Toque and scarf for Sarah
Readers Wrap x3 for MIL, SIL, and Mom
Dishcloth afghans for my 3 children (2 are already started)
Scarf, hat and socks for hubby
Scarf, hat for Joe
Squatty Sidekick bag for Kathy plus 1 hat/scarf?
Squatty sidekick bag for Leila, plus 1 hat
Scarf, Hat for Walt
Hats for my MN niece and nephew (need to research which ones to make) (x2)
Stockings for Misti's kids (x2)
Squatty sidekick back for Misti
Fun hats (muppet hats) and scarves (dragon?, Snake? unicorn?) for my kids
Dishcloths for Fall craft fair
Fun fur/boa scarves for Fall craft fair
3 surprise gifts
hmmm what to knit for prizes ;-)

Contest Completion

Ok... just a few more days... don't forget to post *you'll have till the end of the day on labor day to post your completed objects*

My mom is in town so I have been rather AWOL on my blog and KALs and Swaps... but I'll be back to my regular posting schedule ;-) soon!

here's the link to the contest info again..

Happy Holiday Knitting!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


For all those that want to get organized for Christmas. Here is a great link!

Just remember its only 126 days till Christmas!

Just want to say hello!

Hi, I signed up to this KAL the other day, and since then I´ve been figuring about my Christmas gifts, but I guess my list will never be really finished. It`s very very long and I know that I don`t have a chance to finish all this objects. But I`ll erase objects if I have to, and I haven`t found pattern for everything but I`ll update my list as soon as possible.
Here it is:

Mittens or wristwarmers: 10
Socks: 7
Sweaters: 7
Hats: 7
Scarfs: 13
Dishclothes: 6
Felted purse: 1
Shawl: 1
Slippers: 2
Purse: 5
Whisp: 4
Clapotis: 2

But I`ll probably change the list a little.
Good luck with the knitting everyone.

Michelle, if you read this will you please add me in the sidebar as Angel.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Checking it Twice

Am I the only one completely revising my original list? Gah! Mark now wants socks. My sister will also get a Paws to Remember scarf/stole now, and there will be many Wick socks for a host of women.

That is, if I ever finish this baby blanket. I'm almost done with repeat #2, and then I'm going to measure... I think I might be about 30% done. Oh? And let's not forget Mark's surprise blankie, which he thinks I've simply forgotten. I'll just work on it when he's not around...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Seeking some Recommendations!

So I decided for my co-workers, I am going to do cloths and soap for the men, as well. I think that so long as I don't give them girly patterns, and go with a more 'manly' scented soap, it'll be just fine.

And there's where I need some recommendations! Anyone know of a soap shop online that does some less flowery or citrusy scents, and something more 'man' like? Or does those scrubby soaps?? My sister said her husband likes using those, so I thought they'd be great!

Not much progress for me on my list yet, but I'm THIS close to finishing up the socks I need to and then I will begin in earnest!

Thanks for any thoughts!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Print O' Wave Completed

I have finished the second item from my Christmas list and will have the third done beginning of next week.

Print O' Wave Stole

for my mom

More details on my blog.


Update To My List

Well here it is the middle of August and I'm looking back at my list that I had previously posted. At first, before I looked, I thought that I had not done a lot off of my list. But I have! At least for me it seems like a lot. We are getting ready to move at the end of this month so I haven't been spending too much time knitting. BUMMER! I want to knit! is what I now have done compared to the list:

6 scarves for teachers......2 DONE
2 hat/scarf sets........1 SET DONE AND 1/2 A SET DONE
2 purses......1 PURSE DONE
6 hats for friends of my son....SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVEN'T STARTED THEM.

I know that I will add to this list but I won't do it until after we move and I get settled in. If I happen to finish something else before we move I'll add it to the list here. Also, I'll post pictures of them all once I get moved and unpack them.

Hope that everyone is having a great summer and knitting away!
The Misplaced Midwesterner

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leigh's Update

I haven't posted in awhile as I have been busy with other things. But! I have gotten alot of knitting done so far. I have done 8 scarves and 2 dishcloths. These are all for "A Village Christmas" that is taking place I believe in November.

I am also going to knit a sweater for each of my nieces and hopefully finish my kids as well.

Well off to get some stuff done.

Leigh Ann

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mrs. Claus here...

Hello everyone! I hope your christmas knitting is coming along nicely! :-) I'm about 1/4 done with my mom's reader's wrap and am thinking that I might not be making more of these for my other family members... It's taking a long time (though right now my knitting time is quite limited...) I may have to re-think my list... At least I'm figuring this out now.. :-)

we've had a few newbies in the last couple weeks... welcome welcome welcome!

I will be leaving this weekend for our camp. I'll bring some knitting with me, but I know that I almost never have time to knit when I'm there... I think I'll bring scarves from my christmas knits list! :-) Brainless knitting that can be done fairly quickly and can stand the interruptions...

I will not have internet while at camp, so I'll be unable to add any newbies from this Saturday morning until the 19th. Please don't think I've forgotten you... I'm just away from my computer!

In the meantime.. happy knitting!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

So much little time

As a new member I wanted to say "hello". Now that all my summer exchanges are finished I am starting the "knitting up a storm" Christmas knits.
1. Socks
2. Socks
3. Socks
................I have no idea how many pairs, but at least six
4. Toddler sweater
5. Beaded lace scarf
6. Lace shawl
7. Lucinda Guy blanket
8. Lizard Ridge Blanket

That should do it for now, I know there is more but I still have patterns to go through and stash to sort out.