Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just want to say hello!

Hi, I signed up to this KAL the other day, and since then I´ve been figuring about my Christmas gifts, but I guess my list will never be really finished. It`s very very long and I know that I don`t have a chance to finish all this objects. But I`ll erase objects if I have to, and I haven`t found pattern for everything but I`ll update my list as soon as possible.
Here it is:

Mittens or wristwarmers: 10
Socks: 7
Sweaters: 7
Hats: 7
Scarfs: 13
Dishclothes: 6
Felted purse: 1
Shawl: 1
Slippers: 2
Purse: 5
Whisp: 4
Clapotis: 2

But I`ll probably change the list a little.
Good luck with the knitting everyone.

Michelle, if you read this will you please add me in the sidebar as Angel.


Kim said...

Great list! I understand about the list never being really finished. I'm going to adjust my list soon. I'm not going to do it for a few weeks yet as I'm going through a move right now. But I can't wait to really get it all going.

Michelle said...

Angel, what's your email? I'm sure I added you in the sidebar, but I must have added it incorrectly.. can you send me your blog again so I can add you as 'Angel' and take away which ever one I added incorrectly... thanks