Friday, August 17, 2007

Seeking some Recommendations!

So I decided for my co-workers, I am going to do cloths and soap for the men, as well. I think that so long as I don't give them girly patterns, and go with a more 'manly' scented soap, it'll be just fine.

And there's where I need some recommendations! Anyone know of a soap shop online that does some less flowery or citrusy scents, and something more 'man' like? Or does those scrubby soaps?? My sister said her husband likes using those, so I thought they'd be great!

Not much progress for me on my list yet, but I'm THIS close to finishing up the socks I need to and then I will begin in earnest!

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Kim said...

I've never looked for soap scents but I would think that you could "google" it and find some. Also, aren't those scrubby soaps made with pieces of loofa? Could you take a loofa and crumble it up into the soap as you make it? Just a thought. I've never made soap so I don't know for sure.