Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update To My List

Well here it is the middle of August and I'm looking back at my list that I had previously posted. At first, before I looked, I thought that I had not done a lot off of my list. But I have! At least for me it seems like a lot. We are getting ready to move at the end of this month so I haven't been spending too much time knitting. BUMMER! I want to knit! is what I now have done compared to the list:

6 scarves for teachers......2 DONE
2 hat/scarf sets........1 SET DONE AND 1/2 A SET DONE
2 purses......1 PURSE DONE
6 hats for friends of my son....SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVEN'T STARTED THEM.

I know that I will add to this list but I won't do it until after we move and I get settled in. If I happen to finish something else before we move I'll add it to the list here. Also, I'll post pictures of them all once I get moved and unpack them.

Hope that everyone is having a great summer and knitting away!
The Misplaced Midwesterner


Aunt Kathy said...

That stole is beautiful

Kim said...

Thanks but it's not mine.

Anne said...

That looks like a lot to me too! You've made quite a dent in your list so far!

Kim said...

Thanks Anne. I hope that I can get more done so that I can add to my list.

Michelle said...

Kim, you're cruising! Awesome Job!

Kim said...

Thanks Michelle. I'm almost done with one more scarf and I also put the finishing touches on a felted purse and mailed it out for an exchange. I just can't seem to put the sticks down yet. But packing is calling my name now.