Thursday, September 27, 2007

Having Myself A Selfish Little Christmas...

I am a bit ashamed of myself, but only a bit. I seem to have developed a serious case of selfishness. The holidays are approaching, and I am *STILL* working on my ever-revised list, but the problem is, ME. It's all about me. (So much for Christmas spirit, eh?) I am besotted with lace, so a couple of dear hearts are getting lace wraps instead of socks. You see, knitting is my hobby, my passion and my therapy, so I only knit what I love. That means not so many dishcloths, more socks, and evidently, lace. Hubby's special blankie is on hold, even though it would have been a powerful 10th anniversary OR 40th birthday gift (both BEFORE Christmas). There's still time for me to change my mind and begin working on it this weekend while he's away, but we'll see.

In happy news, I am holding strong on my little treat knitted item, but that's a big secret. ;)

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TRACEY. said...

I agree with being selfish.
You have to knit what you like or it will become a chore and you won't enjoy it. There is nothing worse than knitting something you hate 'because you have to'.
Enjoy your knitting.