Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quick Update

Just a very quick update...finally 2 in our new house....finally have an Internet connection and here is my most recent update:

6 scarves for teachers......4 DONE
2 hat/scarf sets........1 SET DONE AND 1/2 A SET DONE
2 purses......1 PURSE DONE
6 hats for friends of my son....SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVEN'T STARTED THEM.


Michelle said...

Kim, I know personally your pain from moving... I'm amazed at how much you have done!

Kim said...

Thanks for the understanding. Just wait until I update my own blog with our "story" from our move. It's a doozie. :)

I'm glad that I did have my knitting with me because it is what kept me sain through part of it.