Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh my... need to re-think some of this

So here's my christmas knits list... *updated*

6 fun scarves for teacher gifts and bus driver gift
8 Snowman Hats for nieces, nephews, Beth's Children, and my children (2 completed Elijah's and Andrea's)
Bag for Sarah
Bag for MIL
Bag for Michelle (SIL)
Readers Wrap for Mom *25%
Scarf, hat and socks for hubby
Scarf, hat for Joe 75% done with scarf
Squatty Sidekick bag for Kathy
Squatty sidekick bag for Leila
Scarf, Hat for Walt
Hats for my MN niece and nephew (need to research which ones to make) (x2)
Bag for Holly
Hat for Cory (skulls?.. should check with Misti)
Squatty sidekick back for Misti
Fun hats (muppet hat) and scarves (dragon?, Snake? unicorn?) my kids (I have Blue, and Spongebob plans for hats, and a cookie monster or elmo for the youngest)
Dishcloths for Fall craft fair *100% done
Fun fur/boa scarves for Fall craft fair
Surprise Gifts x3

I'm glad I'm visiting this list again.. it's getting quite large!


Aunt Kathy said...

The only part of my Christmas list I have done is the names of the people I want to make things for... yikes... I better get to it or I might get kicked off this Christmas blog, LOL. I am so confused. I can't decide what I want to make.

Michelle said...

AK, make whatever makes you happiest... Tibbers said it right... this is supposed to be fun! :-)