Friday, October 12, 2007

half done

My single, solitary gift is half done, and after a desperate search across the UK I've found some more loro barranquero malabrigo to finish it, huzzay!

Its an ultra simple ribbed and reversible scarf, which sits 7inches wide (without being stretched), and will be as long as the wool lasts, two more skeins are in the post. I have rationalised the simple-mindedness of this scarf to myself by saying that 'simple design is classic' and 'the beauty of it is in the colours', which might both be true but really its just great to be a lazy knitter sometimes. On the otherhand my motto is you can't have too simple a design when it comes to men's clothing. Fingers crossed he likes the colours then, I guess.
Also, hello to all the new knitters who have joined up, and wow to all those who have posted FOs.


monnibo said...

I agree about the classic/timeless knitting for men's wear. I think that it's an attractive colourway and definitely a good choice to knit a ribbed pattern. I love mindless knitting so when I'm not feeling like counting, I can put on some CSI and knit some of the scarf.

A Homely Heroine said...

Thanks monnibo, its really nice to know that someone else thinks its going well, since I'm hiding it at home. For me its endless repeats of the West Wing.

Michelle said...

I love the colorway and I'm sure that if he doesn't like it it will certainly be something you can wear! ;-) I have a few of the 'endless' knitting scarves that make watching TV go by nicely as well!