Monday, October 29, 2007

I keep changing my mind about what I'm making people...

Men's socks: Dad, Grandpa
Progress: Done!

"Manly Moebius Cowl": Matt, Mike, BJ
Progress: Done!

Ribbed fingerless mittens: Sandra, Mike W., Fritz, Christina, Lauren, Susie
Progress: Sandra's and Mike's are done. I keep changing my mind about what to make for the other four, but I really like making these! Maybe I'll add a cable or something next time.

Scarves: Jeff, Mom
Progress: Done!

Women's gloves: Arlette, Laura, Helen, Mom
Progress: need to make Mom's gloves to match scarf; otherwise completed.

Hats: Rebecca, Helen
Progress: Done! (need pin for Helen's hat)

Child Hats (various): Brett, Naomi, Suli birthday (Little Devil Hats); Ellie birthday (Child Hallowig); Suli (House Elf hat)
Progress: Ellie's and both of Suli's are done, but I'm not crazy about how the House Elf hat came out so I may frog it and make something else.

Child Mittens: Jack, Ellie, Margaret
Progress: Jack's are done.

Lace rib shrug: Cathy
Progress: Done! (needs pin)

There are pictures of a bunch of this stuff over on Ravelry (my login is divamaglia). In addition to the above, I do have two women's scarves for people I may run into over the holidays. And I think I'm making little sweater ornaments (maybe with duplicate stitch initials?) for a whole bunch of people. Or possibly amigurumis.

Coming around the home stretch...


Michelle said...


I'm so jealous! You have SOOOO much done!

Jennifer said...

Thanks...I've been monomaniacal about this since August--and I keep paring things down to be simpler (example: I was originally going to knit everyone socks)--or else I'd have nothing done at all!