Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christmas List

I am so excited that I found this blog link while searching the other day. I had just started to figure out what I'd be making for Christmas gifts this year, now I have something to motivate me to keep working on them.
My list so far...
  1. Print O' Wave Stole
  2. Anemoi Mittens
  3. Mystery Stole (hopefully it will work out as a gift for my grandmother)
  4. Lace Leaf Shawl (if the ms3 doesn't work out as planned)
  5. Poncho for my daughter
  6. Knitty Double Scoop Sweater
  7. Princess Doll (Dream Toys by Claire Garland)
  8. Unicorn (Dream Toys by Claire Garland)
  9. Toy Doll (And so to Bed by Lucinda Guy)
  10. Scarf for a man( I don't have a pattern yet for this, so I'm open to any ideas)

Thats it for now, although there is a couple more child sweater patterns that I might add after I get Debbie Bliss' Family Knits book in the mail. Hopefully it will get here soon.

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