Monday, June 25, 2007

A Christmas List for Dobby

Oh my. A contest. Now I *MUST* post my list. It's a list no one but Dobby could love, I'm afraid. (Note: Lego loves Dobby and socks!!)

1. Socks for Mark

2. Socks for MIL

3. Mystery gift for my sister who could follow blog links here

4. Mystery gift for someone I won't name

5. Errol the Owl for Etta

6. Socks for aunt

7. Socks for cousin

8. Dishcloths for MIL

9. Dishcloths for sis

10. Mystery gift for another someone

11. Mystery gift #3

12. Dishcloths for Mom

13. Socks for Mom

14. Shawl for Bunny (your fault, Sue J!)

15. Baby something for Baby V.

16. Scarf for Makayla

17. Scarf for Karlie

18. Dishcloth for Felicia

19. Shawl for B'Leigh

20. Mystery #4

21. A bunch of HP bookmarks
22. Stocking for Randy


Sue J. said...

Wow, Chan. What a list. You are going to be a busy knitter. Isn't it fun?

Michelle said...

I love the reference to our dear friend Dobby! :-)
That's a LOT of socks.. what a list!

Lia said...

That is an impressive list! You better get busy!

Devonshire said...

That is quite the list! I only hope I can keep up...