Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christmas We Will Go: Knitting Goals for the Holiday

Found this from Michelle, Anne, and Chan and thought what a great idea. Thanks Michelle for being our wonderful host. This will hopefully get me in gear to actually getting all my knitting done that I need to do.

(This list is subject to change and will be updated as I change my mind. LOL)

  • Tank top for me (before it is too cold to wear)
  • Sockza socks
  • Jason's 2nd sock
  • F1-Fingerless gloves (Knitty.com)
  • F2-Fingerless gloves (Knitty.com)
  • F3-Hat (not sure what style)
  • F4-Coasters or felted slippers??
  • F5-Socks
  • F6-Towels
  • F7-Socks (Blanket next year)
  • F8-Dishcloths
  • GF1-Not going to tell....
  • GF2-Not going to tell...
  • GF3-Not going to tell...
  • GF4-Not going to tell...
  • GF5-Dishcloths
  • H1-Socks (Sweater next year-surprise design)
The picture above is of our little tree this last year. I strapped this to my bike basket and biked it home. It was a great tree right up until the end. I do hope I am able to achieve this list.


Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable tree! We put a tiny tree (though a fake one) in our kids rooms each year, and santa leaves them each something small and special under their very own special tree! :-) A tradition my dad started when my sisters and I were small...

Anonymous said...

OMG totally cute tree - and your list looks about like mine, and I'm wondering if I'll make it too LOL