Monday, June 25, 2007

Anne's Christmas Knitting List In Progress

In honor of my recent trip to DC I give you the Capitol's Tree!

And as someone else said, I will likely be updating this list, but I wanted to get down the things I know I have now. (Hey Michelle.. for the contest.. LOL Do the 17 things I'm making for co-workers count as one lump some, or each co-worker? LOL)
  • Dishrag/Towel or Facecloth/Bath Sets (17 and counting) for my co-workers in my own department
  • Facecloth/Bath set for our Secretary and all around Grandma Fannie
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 1
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 2
  • Secret Project for fellow KAL'er 3
  • Secret Project for Sister who may visit the blog
  • Secret Project for Friend who may visit the blog
  • Gift for Katie (I'm struggling here ya'll.. what's good for a 5 year old? Stuffed toy? Hat? Sweater? Hat and Scarf Set? Blanket? I'm debating a blanket made from dishcloth letter patterns and pictures then put all together - would a kid actually like that tho?)
  • Scarf for fellow Knitter Anna at work
  • Scarf or lap blanket for Julie
  • Gift for mom
  • Triangular Scarf for mom in the silk I got her like.. eons ago.
I think that covers it. To be fair, I haven't entirely decided on all of the secret projects - and I will still post progress when they've started!

[Edit: HAH. Exactly 6 months today :D Go me!]


Michelle said...

Hey Anne, LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're joining us! Your list is great.. and yes... all 17 employees gifts count as individual items! :-)

For the 5 year old I have several suggestions.. including a bunny 'pyjama' bag... it's so cute.. here's the link...

(for whatever reason my shortcut to make a nice link to the word Pyjama Bag isn't working..

Also, here's a link for cute frog and bumblebee bags (just little purses)

I know my Abby would love all of the above!

Michelle said...

Aack! It' cut off the link! I'll post it separately!

Devonshire said...

I am with Michelle about the bag ideas. Abby will surely love them and get lots of use out of them too.