Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I tried for my first time to create some buttons.. they came out pretty cute I think.. :-) I hope you all enjoy them.. don't forget to download them to your blog so you don't slog us down by borrowing our bandwith!

I've been busy working on a few of my christmas items... done with two Snowman hats.. and found my yarn (in my stash) for my reader's wrap... while 'packing/unpacking' for our move to PA in two weeks... I very very clearly labeled the box so I can find it as soon as I get settled in the new house!

Christmas knitting right now is just being thrown in between other projects... keeps things interesting to switch around so much... and it actually feels good to be done with some projects already.. and it's not even the Half-Christmas date yet! :-)

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Kim said...

They are wonderful! I'll put them on my blog tomorrow. I'm using my hubby's computer and I can't download anything on here. So it will have to wait.

I hope that your move goes smoothly.

I too have to say that getting some of this knitting done early is a great feeling!