Monday, June 25, 2007

Yikers! It's That Time Again!!!

My list? I wanted to make everyone a pair of socks. I'm not a fast knitter. But, I've finished one pair from alpaca and I'm knitting the other pair. I'm thinking I may do a pair or two from a worsted weight. Maybe even use some Lion Brand - for those who don't like wool.

I've not done a head count yet ... but, my Girls - daughters and sisters and friends - will be first up.

Happy Knitting - and Thanks for inviting me to join along!!!

Betty ....

Be Original ...
I'm Always Open!


Kim said...

Go to it! Make those socks! Can't wait to see pictures of them.

Michelle said...

I haven't yet started knitting socks, though am anxiously awaiting my sock kit from the Harry Potter Sock Kit Swap... :-) My pal is sending it today.. so I'm excited to see what goodies I'll get and hopefully a simple sock pattern :-)