Monday, July 16, 2007

My Holiday list

Hello everyone! I'm new to the group, but very happy to have found you all :) I have started to make my holiday gift-making list. My list is overwhelming me which is why I like the idea of this KAL. I'm hoping to set monthly goals between now and December to get it all done. Here is what I am currently thinking about for everyone:

Mom & Dad: an afghan **started
Sister 1: an afghan or the Lace Leaf Wrap
DH of S1: Reversible Cable Scarf and possibly fingerless gloves to match
Sister 2: Waves Scarf
DH of S2: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
niece 1: Fairy Square afghan
niece 2: Cropped Hoodie
Aunt & Uncle: Ripple Afghan
cousin: Ripple Afghan (reds)
cousin: Liesel Scarf
cousin's DH: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
cousin: Ripple afghan (blues)
friends (10): scarves or bags ** two scarves made already

And of course, I have ceramic snowman that can be painted in a few nights as backup gifts *laugh*


Anne said...

Oh OH! I totally forgot I have ceramic decorations of all sorts hanging out in my craft bin. You know, the one that's below my now totally taken over by knitting table :)

Michelle said...

You have a knitting table! I'm jealous ;-)

Laurie said...

WOW- that is one ambitious list- lots of afghans! My list is primarily bags this year.
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