Friday, July 6, 2007

Ingrid's Christmas List

This is an incomplete list but here is what I have so far..

Dishcloth set (set of 3) - Nootriam, Vicky, Mom, Cathy, Anna, Susan
Clapotis - Nootriam
Endpaper Mitts - Chyna
Anemoi Mittens - Cathy
Sweater from IK - Susan
Brea Bag - Vicky
Socks - Linda, Joni

So far I have the Clapotis started and the Endpaper Mitts started. Everything else is a "need to start soon" project.

It's really nice to meet everyone, this should be a fun KAL.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Ohhh the endpaper mitts are so pretty - I'm not advanced enough to do something like those, but I can't wait to see yours!