Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi there

I'm new to the list. Thanks Michelle for resending the invite, I was out of town and the first one got eatten! I am a baaaaaaad knitter.... I've just really started thinking about Xmas. Eeeeep. I'll just say that its been a long year on this end. So I am just starting my list and would love any suggestions.

Mom ---- Scarf or slippers or both
Dad ---- Slippers
Big Brother1 -- Scarf, Mittens (Now lives way north...)
Big Sister1 --- Scarf Shawl ?????
Big Sis BF --- Cable scarf
Big Bro2 --- Not sure, We live in South Texas.
SIL1 ---- Spa set???? If I can find a nice pattern
Big Sis 2 --- mittens???? Bath Set?
BIL1 --- Scarf
Friends --- scarves, belts (saw a cute one in the knitters calendar), washcloths....

Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

Kim C
League City, Tx

1 comment:

Michelle said...

No problemo Kim.. that's what I'm playing Mrs. Claus for right! ;-) Glad you got the second invite!