Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hello everyone. I've been a total crazy woman these last few weeks and I wanted to get over here quickly for a post to say hello, and to welcome all our newbies! So many people have signed up since I went away last weekend!

I'm home in NC for just a few days before we'll officially be PA residents. We close on the 12th on our home there in Mountain Top.. and then I'll finally be ALMOST normal again...

My apologies to anyone who had to wait to get blogging permissions in our group and to be added to our Elves list... this moving thing has kept me away from my own blogging wishes! I did get a lot of knitting done in NY with my in-laws this past week, it was relaxing and fun, and the kids and dogs are having a ball!

For those who know about Chewy, she's well, and on the meds that will hopefully slow the progression of her cancer. We did find out that it has a high likelihood of being metastatic and is indeed a bad form of cancer (as if there's any good forms)... her prognosis is 1 week to 195 days ... not a lot of time, so my kiddos are loving her as much as they can (they didn't take the news too well)... and we're doing activities to remember her by... (we created a beautiful stepping stone for our new yard with her paw print in the middle)... for a 10 year old dog, she's got it pretty good with the love and attention from her kids, and from the in-laws right now while we're in NC finishing up the move... We're all very blessed to have had her in our family for so long... :-) I'm praying hard that she makes it through the week so that my in-laws don't have to worry about dealingwith our children if she should pass while we're away!

For any of you newbies.. scroll through the old posts and look for my contest information! :-)

I'll be back soon!

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Anne said...

Yay! We'll be so happy to have ya back - I'm so sorry about chewy - I'll pray for as little pain as possible as he finishes out a happy life with you.