Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello All!!!

I passed the boards for LPN!!!

ok, onto knitting ;)

R-socks, at least one pair and maybe a hat - sock started
Mom-hat (maybe a scarf and sox)
Uncle D-Grandma's blanket - done
Uncle C- Fingerless gloves - started
Aunt R- scarf - done!
Aunt K-scarf - done
Aunt E- scarf - done
Uncle M-hat - done
Poppa R- hat - done
B- hat - done
R's mom-scarf - done
Meme - scarf - done

Just remember - knitting is supposed to be enjoyable!



Pheelya said...

Wow!! I'm barely halfway through 2 afhgans! I'll be knitting in my sleep through December at the rate I'm going! *laugh*

I think I feel a few sick days coming on! ;)

Michelle said...

Yay Tibbers! Congrats on the completed objects and the LPN Boards!!!!