Saturday, November 24, 2007

AAAAAAAAA!! Only a Month left!

OK, can someone tell me where the heck the time has gone!! I can't believe there is only a month left!! Updates and modifications to my list

Mom & Dad: an afghan - pattern: Luxury Wrap from Afghans on the Double 50% done!
Sister 1 & DH: ripple afghan - pattern: Soft Waves from 200 Ripple Patterns 50% done!
Sister 2: Waves Scarf
DH of S2: scarf (not sure of pattern yet)
niece 1: Fairy Square afghan - 8 of 16 squares completed
niece 2: cropped hoodie (??)

The decision has been made that we are not going to exchange gifts with the cousins this year, so that shortens my list a WHOLE lot! *thank goodness cause I don't think I'd get to those gifts at this point in time!*

friends (10): scarves or bags ** two scarves, 1 bag done!