Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally started...

Mistake rib scarf, looks pink in the photo but is actually bright red. I think this will be for my nephew. Will possibly make more of this as it is quite an easy knit and grows fast.

Seaweed scarf from December's simply knitting magazine. I think this will be for my neice. I am loving this and I think the pink makes it look like coral. I might make another of these for my sister in law if I get time but I am definately planning 1 for me ( maybe after Christmas ) with small beads on.

Socks for my Daughter, Nephew and neice for Christmas. Nephews socks have turned into birthday socks though as it's on Wednesday and we forgot to get him a gift.

There are quite a few items I want to make for gifts but I don't think I will get them all done in time.

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