Thursday, November 15, 2007

Further updates

I'm in New York for auditions now (I'm an opera singer), and I only brought small, time-consuming projects with me (a Wisp and a pair of socks, both for myself), so when I'm home on Sunday I really need to get back on the stick...

Scarves: Jeff, Mom, Margaret, Ellie, Christine, Joanna
Progress: Joanna's scarf needs fringe; otherwise I'm done.

"Manly Moebius Cowl": Matt, Mike, BJ, Dad (Birthday)
Progress: All finished but the one for my father; I'm having trouble adapting the pattern for gauge.

Ribbed fingerless mittens: Sandra, Mike W., Fritz, Christina, Lauren, Susie
Progress: The mittens for Sandra, Mike and Susie are done; one of Fritz's is done. I'll see Lauren today, and I'm going to ask her what she actually wants. :)

Women's mittens: Arlette, Laura, Helen, Mom
Progress: need to make Mom's gloves to match scarf; otherwise completed.

Child Hats (various): Brett, Suli birthday (Little Devil Hats); Ellie birthday (Child Hallowig); Suli (House Elf hat)
Progress: Ellie's and both of Suli's are done, but I'm not crazy about how the House Elf hat came out so I may frog it and make something else.

Sleeveless hoodie: Naomi
Progress: I have the yarn, and will start this soon.

And I was planning to get my grandmother some nice yarn, but she's not able to crochet right now because of a cataract and some trouble with her hand. So now I have to make her something, and I have no idea what!

Other completed projects--
Child Mittens: Jack
Lace rib shrug: Cathy (needs pin)
Men's socks: Dad, Grandpa
Hats: Rebecca, Helen (need pin for Helen's hat)

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