Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve my Christmas KALers!
Thank you all for joining me in this insane rush to knit for our friends and families for the holidays.

Sadly, I did not finish my list.. but actually have a few days left for the 4 remaining items... I ended up making a few last minute changes to my list... but that's ok.. that's the beauty of knitting :-)

There has been a suggestion to keep our group open for next year's knitting to get underway early... I"m happy to do that... though I probably won't post very frequently :-) I also will share a KAL that I was directed to that you all might also be interested's called the Gift Along and here's the link:

Please check it out... there's a list of goals for you to post on... and it looks like it's quite similar to our group though with the idea that you might be knitting other gifts.. birthdays, babies, you name it :-)

As a review.. here's what I've accomplished:

Mystery items x3 (January)

Malach, Rochester (due Dec 28th)
MIL - Felted Bag
FIL - Ribbed Hat (OTN)
Joe - Ribbed Hat
Michelle - Felted Bag
Joey - Snowman Hat (Done)
Elijah - Snowman Hat (Done)
Andrea - Snowman Hat (Done)

Malach, Pittsburgh (due Dec 28th)
Sarah - Felted Bag

Malach, Wilkes-Barre
John - Socks (After Christmas, yarn came in)
Abby - Snowman Hat (fortunately I haven't Cast on because she keeps changing her mind)
JJ - Snowman Hat (Done)
Chelsea - Snowman Hat (Done)

Beth and family
2 snowman hats (Done)
Felted bag (will be late, and she already knows)

Crothers'(delivered Dec 1 by hubby on his trip to MN for work)
Walt - ribbed hat (Done)
Kathy - Felted Bag (Done)
Leila - Felted Bag (Done)
Suzanne - Happy Hat (Done)
Conor - Black and red hat (Done)

Mom: Market Bag (Done)
Nicki: Dishcloths x4 (Done)
Rylee: Dishcloths x4 (Done)
Marty: Jester Hat in Red (Done)

Terri: Jester Hat in Santa colors (DONE)
Anne: Jester Hat in Santa colors (DONE)

Merry Christmas my knitting friends!

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Tricotine said...

I didn't finish my Christmas knitting list either, but Christmas was only festive for the kids this year...

You did great though! I bet you made lots of people happy around you! :-)