Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally an update

I'm going to do it by family as it makes it easier on my 'mind'...

Crothers'(delivered Dec 1 by hubby on his trip to MN for work)
Walt - ribbed hat (Done)
Kathy - Felted Bag (Done)
Leila - Felted Bag (Done)
Suzanne - Happy Hat (Done)
Conor - Black and red hat (Done)

Malach, Rochester (due Dec 28th)
MIL - Felted Bag
FIL - Hmmm?
Joe - Ribbed Hat
Michelle - Felted Bag
Joey - Snowman Hat (Done)
Elijah - Snowman Hat (Done)
Andrea - Snowman Hat (Done)

Malach, Pittsburgh (due Dec 28th)
Sarah - Felted Bag

Malach, Wilkes-Barre
John - Socks (After Christmas, yarn came in)
Abby - Blue hat, Mittens, Crayon Scarf
JJ - Dragon Hat, Mittens, Snake Scarf, Crayon Scarf
Chelsea - Snowman Hat (Done) Purple hat (OTN)

Beth and family
2 snowman hats (Done)
Felted bag (will be late, and she already knows)

Pencil Scarf x2
Bus Drivers ?? Making caramel popcorn instead of a handknit

Mystery items x3 (will all probably be late.. we'll see what we can do...

Mom: Market Bag (OTN)
Nicki: Dishcloths x4 (Done)
Rylee: Dishcloths x4 (Done)

Terri: Harry Potter Scarf (postponed till end of January)
Anne: Harry Potter Scarf (Postponed till end of January)

I think I can get this done...I'm still going to try.. the Minnesota gifts got cranked out quickly.. but decorating and all that knitting stifled my mojo a bit... I'm ready to get back into the groove though!
If you want to see some of my completed objects you can stop by my blog...

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